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Windows XP Cannot be Supported at All

At MotherG we want to keep you informed of changes in technology, particularly ones that will have an impact on your business. If you don't receive MotherG's world class support, we encourage you to have this conversation with your technology...

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OEE: Grow Your Business With No Additional Labor

MotherG and Memex hosted a discussion on Tuesday, October 29th with local manufacturers at Ditka's Restaurant in Oakbrook Terrace.

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MotherG, Channel Futures MSP 501 Winner

We're proud to announce that MotherG has been named a Channel Futures MSP 501 Winner!

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Jun 27, 2019 in Email, microsoft, outlook365

Microsoft Global Service Degradation

Microsoft has reported a global service degradation that’s impacting user’s ability to receive inbound messages in Outlook. We want to share how to fix this issue quickly in the most efficent way possible.

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Dec 20, 2018 in it vendor

Your Roadmap to Having a Good Relationship With Your IT Vendor

IT vendors are vital to the success of many businesses. They provide a valuable service that empowers businesses to function smoothly and ultimately improve their bottom line.

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The IT Vendor Selection Process: Step by Step

Selecting an IT vendor can be a harrowing process for businesses. There are so many vendors offering a wide array of services that companies can be struck by analysis paralysis or rush into a contract that doesn’t benefit them in the long run.

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When is it Time to Enlist an IT Vendor?

Your company was founded on expertise -- whether it was to create a product or provide a stellar service. At some point, you’ll ask yourself, “are we able to accomplish what we set out to do?” If any part of you is struggling to say “yes,” there...

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The Cost of Getting a Computer Virus

Sometimes it’s an infected application -- other times it’s an unsecured connection. Whatever the source, a computer virus will cost you. The most costly computer virus of all time, MyDoom, caused an estimated $38 billion in damages.

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Why Cloud Security Matters for Your Business

Cloud computing used to be a buzzword thrown around by large enterprises with a reputation for being on the frontier of innovation. Now, it’s something seeping into the realm of small businesses. Moving to the cloud requires a lot of preparation....

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5 Dos and Don’ts of Updating a Legacy System

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to update your legacy system -- or you’re just entertaining the possibility -- it can be stressful to think about all the pieces that go into a successful launch. Will it actually help my company become more...

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