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A Random Act of Kindness

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3D Printers – This is “Cool” Technology

How about a 2 billion dollar industry that could become the next trillion dollar industry?  This is game changing technology that is revolutionizing business models built around physical goods.  It’s like an inkjet printer on steroids, where the...

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Technology Will Make the America’s Cup Exciting!

Team Oracle USA

If you thought this sport was boring, hold your opinion till September.  In 2010 Team Oracle USA won the Cup, led by billionaire yachtsman Larry Ellison, (founder and CEO of Oracle Corp). They won the right to set the rules and...

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Is Multitasking Really a Myth?


The Myth of Multitasking

At a conference recently, early on Saturday morning I had the pleasure of listening to Dave Crenshaw, the author of The Myth of Multitasking: How “Doing it All” gets Nothing Done. The session was very informative and...

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Your Managed IT Services Checklist

What you should know about an IT provider...

A person answers when you call

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The Top 5 Wireless Considerations

The concept of bring your own device (BYOD) is a trend that is continuously growing among businesses. The Wireless industry is challenged with increased demands on infrastructure – more users, videos, applications, devices and noise!

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Best In Class MSP: What's The Secret?

We have done hundreds of network assessments at different SMB companies over several years. The vast majority have some issue with their back-ups of critical data. Most of the time, the issues involve specific components of their data not being...

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What is a “Best-In-Class” MSP?

When you hire a specialist for your IT needs, what do they do for you?  Do they provide reactive support when you have an issue or something doesn’t work right? Perhaps adding a new laptop or workstation for your office, a new printer, maybe a...

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The Value of Teamwork

Many times in life and business there is a team behind the scenes working together to achieve a goal.  Often, only the team leader is recognized for the individual accomplishment and honored in the record books.  Does that sound like some...

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Lack of Expert Guidance = Costly Mistakes?

What is the Value of a Technology Partner’s Expert Guidance?

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