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Midwest Mavericks Episode 3: Koval Distillery

Episode 3 -What’s the natural next step for an International PhD Economics Academic? How about the Deputy Press Secretary at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, D.C.?  Of course it’s betting their life savings on starting the first distillery in...

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Midwest Mavericks Episode 2: Mark Shale

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New Podcast Devoted to Unique Stories from the Midwest

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4 IoT Functions We Learned From R2D2 That Will Make You the Luke Skywalker of Business.

Ugh. Stereotypes. Yes, we’re tech nerds. Yes, we love Stars Wars. Yes, we are geeking out over The Mandalorian”. Okay, that’s established.  

Here’s why you want to read this article: R2D2 isn’t a vision of the future. R2D2 is present in today’s...

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Four Keys to Successfully Migrate Data to the Cloud

An important decision many CEOs, CFOs and IT Directors are facing is if they should move their company’s data to the cloud. The data is out there for companies to make this decision as a strategy for their business.

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MotherG's Proactive Approach to Microsoft's Recent Warning

Another day and another cyber security concern. Microsoft is warning Windows users to update now, but you’ve heard this message from MotherG and our vCIOs. 

Here’s what we’ve done proactively for you to be in the best position:

  1. Your vCIO has...
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FBI Warns About Cyber Attacks, Too Late For Florida

The FBI is now trying to coach users as recent cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and significant. This week the spotlight is on Riveria Beach, Florida as they're being held for a nearly $600,000 Bitcoin ransom.

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But Why? The Toddler Approach to Understanding IT Value

Parent or not, we know the cycle a toddler can get in. Continuously asking “why” can result in torture – or hysterical laughter. The pureness behind the inquisitive little one is beautiful. Often, these pure thoughts can clarify even the...

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May 08, 2019 in Windows 7

Windows 7 Will Leave Your Business Vulnerable

When it comes to working with a Managed Service Provider, there are recommendations and there are “you must act now” advisements. Rarely do we sound the alarm at MotherG, but we need to today. The reason for the alarm? January 14th, 2020 marks...

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Mar 28, 2018 in VCIO

This Typical Wifi Solution could turn into a Detrimental Long-term Problem

Information technology (IT), even in most home settings, involves considerably more than a desktop computer and a modem these days. For businesses, IT requires a certain level of expertise that may be difficult to find in just one person. But...

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