An Excellent Company Culture Generates Higher Profits and Happier Clients

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MotherG is excited to announce that we were listed as a Best Place to Work in Illinois for the 3rd year in a row!

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.15.35 PM.pngHowever, that wasn’t always the situation. Five years ago, MotherG had no new customers, inconsistent profits, and turnover with clients and employees alike. So… what changed?

Instead of blaming external factors, MotherG's team looked inward. In a short span of time, MotherG turned it’s company around by defining what really mattered to them as an organization; their employees.

“What we do for our clients is derived from our people,” said Dave. “Our number one core value is ‘be a tribe’ and we put that above ‘love our clients.’ If we’re a great team, then our employees will feel more empowered to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients.”

To develop an MSP culture to maintain the excellent service-delivery performance without employee turnover, Dave recommends to Start with your Why:

  • Everyone involved in your enterprise should understand your purpose:
    • Clients need to decide if you can help them.
    • Employees need to find purpose in your cause.
    • The bank should believe in your organization.
  • What is its purpose?
    • Why does your company exist?
    • Ask yourself, “Can this “why” rally a team, instill passion?”
    • State that as your mission.

After that, you should Divine your Core Values:

  • The Core Staff should identify the Core Values
    • This sets the guard rails for acceptable behavior by your team.
    • Not aspirational – they already exist, just need to figure them out.
  • Hire and Fire based on these values.
  • Reward your team for alignment.

Based on the mission and core values of your company, you should be able to decide what the client experience should look like. For example, MotherG promises clients a noise free, aligned technology experience. We gear all aspects of what we do to arrive at that experience, and we report on our ability to achieve this outcome every quarter with the client.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.46.56 PM.pngMotherG is a group of people who share the same beliefs and mission – to make our clients happy with excellent technology,” said Dave. “We do this together, helping each other learn and excel. We celebrate our successes. We share our failures. We learn and grow together.”

By improving company culture, defining core values, and focusing on the ideal customer experience, MotherG was able to succeed. Now, we enjoy the following:

  • Profitable every month
  • No employee turnover
  • No client turnover
  • Happy clients
  • Best & Brightest Company awards

With MotherG, small to mid-sized organizations are fully protected and strategically aligned. An IT managed service provider that monitors technology to prevent problems and maximize productivity, MotherG supplies small to mid-sized businesses with technology that works effortlessly. Every time.

Go, Tribe!

What are MotherG's Core Values? from MotherG on Vimeo.

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