Letting An Employee Go? Here are 11 Tech To-Do's To Follow

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Unfortunately, firing an employee is just as much a part of the job as hiring an employee; however, firing an employee has become more complicated than it was in the past because of the tight integration that all employees have with the company’s network. When an employee has been fired, there are 11 essential IT tasks that must be checked off to ensure that only the proper people have access to the company’s network.

1. Change the Network Password

When an employee has been fired, it is important to make sure that they no longer have access to the company’s files. This means changing the network password so that the ex-employee can no longer access the system. The former employee may hold a grudge and try to get back at the company by releasing information to the public.

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2. Change the Voicemail Password

The network isn’t the only way that the person can access the company’s confidential information. Remember that employees often only need a PIN to access the voicemail messages on the company’s phones. Be sure to change the voicemail password as well. Otherwise, the employee could listen in on the company’s messages.

3. Change the Voicemail Recording

Many people will forget that the voicemail recording will no longer be accurate for the company since the person who used to operate that phone has been fired. Make sure the update the recording so that it accurately reflects the new person manning the phone.

4. Make Sure Someone Monitors the Voicemail

In the meantime, someone else will need to monitor the voicemails that might be coming in for that phone line. It may take time to replace the employee who has recently been fired and those customers will still need to be taken care of. Assign someone to make sure these messages are fielded and handled appropriately.

5. Change the Email Password

If the email password is separate from the Active Directory, this password will need to be changed as well. Most companies use company email addresses so that email communication for the company is separate from personal communication. Change the email password so that the former employee cannot access company files through their email.

6. Assign Someone to Monitor the Email

Make sure that the email account isn’t being overlooked. There could be important company business flowing through this old email address. It's important to make sure that someone is present to handle this communication and to make sure that there isn’t any unauthorized access.

7. Create an Out of Office Message

Some people may continue to try and contact this former employee through their old email address. It will be important to set an automatic reply with an out of office message so that people understand that there might be a slight change in who they’re talking to and communicating with.

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8. Remove Person from Security and Distribution Groups

Remember that this former employee used to be a part of numerous security and distribution groups. Make sure that they no longer have access to any of the company’s equipment or property.

9. Set a Date to Delete the Mailbox

Even a fired employee needs time to get their affairs in order. Set a date and time to delete the mailbox and remove the files from the system.

10. Recover IT Equipment

If the person was using company IT equipment, make sure that all equipment is returned and accounted for. There could be sensitive information on the equipment and this cannot remain in this person’s hands.

11. Change Passwords to Accounts and Domain Administration

If the employee had access to various company accounts or domain administration access, change these passwords to ensure this person can no longer access this information.

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