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MotherG, #1 Manufacturing MSP In Illinois

Specializing in researching, evaluating and keeping up with current trends among IT service providers, Channele2e's mission is to "shift the IT channel conversation from tactical chatter to strategic discussions -- focusing MSPs and VARs on...

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4 Steps To Stay Safe On Vacation

It’s summer time, which means traveling and vacations! In today’s day and age though, the lines between personal time and work time are somewhat blurred. Many people take their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones with them and check up on company...

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How Password Policies Protect Your Business

MotherG regularly reviews our best practices to ensure we’re providing the experience our clients’ desire.  Recently we updated our security section, specifically password policies.  We are frequently asked, “What’s the best password policy for...

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How Secure Is Your Business from Hackers?

As the focus of IT moves towards the cloud, hackers are turning their attention to larger targets with a higher payoff. While it may not seem worth it for most hackers to attack small to medium businesses, more and more small businesses are being...

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Ged Rid of Old Technology Once and for All

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day! Uncertainty / Awareness The average person doesn’t know what to do with old technology. Can I just throw this desktop out? What about this monitor? Cell phones? That’s the reason every business has a room with...

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Is Hosted VOIP Right For Your Business?

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Give your IT a Spring Cleaning

March is right around the corner, and we all know what that means...March Madness, and spring cleaning – yes, even your

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4 Risks Of Deploying A Standard Image

While Standard image comes with some benefits (Missed part 1? ) it is vital to know and understand the risks you can face.

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3 Things To Consider When Defining Your Standard Image

The idea of a standard image is one that is typically met with mixed views in any organization.  The executive team wants standardization, uniformity, and security on corporate assets.  End users want to be able to save their pictures, sync their...

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3 Technology Tips You Should Know

We know that __IT Happens (read more) and we’ve seen that all downtime isn’t created equal. If we’re going to be planning the obsolescence of our servers and workstations then, here are some key things to know:

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